Semi-Automatic Vacuum Distillation ASTM D1160

This unique semi automatic D1160 takes some of the guess work out of performing this test while still being reasonably priced. This model offers automatic vacuum control as well as heating control. It is perfect for labs with limited budgets or moderate sample loads. The semi-automatic D1160 can be upgraded to a fully automatic D1160 at any time.


Features Include:

  • Turn Key System
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain
  • Automatic Vacuum Control
  • Digital Heating Control
  • Digital Temperature and Vacuum Display
  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle
  • Easy Access to All Components
  • PC Control
  • Safety Shields and Doors Protect Operator
  • Receiver is Easy to Remove

At last, there is a manually operated D1160 that works well and looks good. This model is a good option for labs with limited budgets or small sample loads.

B/R also offers Fully Automatic and Manually Operated D1160 models.