Manually Operated Vacuum Distillation ASTM D1160

This manually operated D1160 is a complete, turn key vacuum distillation system. Everything needed for D1160 distillation is included. The support structure is open and ergonomic to help make the distillation go more smoothly. Safety shields offer additional protection for the operator.


Features Include:

  • Digital Temperature Display for Precision
  • Digital Vacuum Display for Precision
  • Digital Condenser Temperature Display
  • Safety Shields and Doors Protect Operator
  • Receiver is Easy to Remove
  • Upgradeable to Semi-Auto or Fully Automatic
  • Turn Key System
  • Simple to Operate and Maintain

At last, there is a manually operated D1160 that works well and looks good. This model is a good option for labs with limited budgets or small sample loads.

B/R also offers Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic D1160 models.