Mini Crude Oil Distillation

Fractional distillation of crude oil samples of 100-1000 ml

  • Distill small samples
  • 500 °C AET vapor temperature or higher
  • Up to 8 fractions per pressure level
  • Small cross contamination between fractions

Propriatary distillation column with ultra low column hold-up makes distilling small samples possible. Get fine separations that would be impossible on a 15 plate ASTM distillation system. Distill out to 500 °C AET vapor temperature or higher with a single distillation system. Automation makes the distillation process easy.

The mini crude oil distillation system is a spinning band distillation system based on a DuPont patent.

It has been adapted for use on small crude oil samples in response to requests from a number of oil companies.

The mini and micro crude oil distillation systems have been used for more that 20 years at many of the largest oil companies in the world. Some have an many as 12 of these units