Automatic Distillation of Crude Oil D2892 D5236

Choosing a fully automatic crude oil distillation unit is a big job. There are lots of features to consider. The Automaxx 9100 has been around since 1989. New features have been added based on customer experiences and changes in electronics technology. The latest version was introduced in late 2010.

Crude oil distillation is a complex test that can be confusing. The aim of the Automaxx is to make the test as simple as possible. The simple layout of the distillation system makes it easy to understand and use. The software guides you through the distillation process.

The Automaxx 9100 is a fully automatic crude oil distillation system that fully complies with ASTM D2892 and D5236.

Easy to use:

The computer control fully automates the crude oil distillation process from beginning to end, minimizing the time needed to operate the equipment. Easy programming of parameters makes you feel like a distillation expert. Heating, collection of fractions, vacuum control and shut down of the equipment at completion are all done automatically. Manually operated and semi-automatic equipment is also available for customers on a limited budget.

Customized to your needs:

The automatic crude oil distillation system can be configured according to your needs. Choose from various ASTM D 2892 and ASTM D 5236 distillation columns. Mix and match columns types and sizes as needed.

Turn Key Operation:

Turn key system. Everything needed for distillation of crude oil is included.